BlueHost Pricing

BlueHost pricing can sometimes be confusing. Most web hosting services have started doing limited time promotion offers where they offer a lower “initial term” compared to the “renewal term”. BlueHost prices state they are regularly $6.95/month, but they will offer BlueHost prices as low as $3.95 which is what we offer on this site. If you don’t visit their site through ours you will see the special discount pricing of $5.95/month which is only one dollar less than the regular rate.

How does renewal rate work? BlueHost Renewal Pricing and HostMonster Renewal Pricing…

If you signup with BlueHost 0r HostMonster – you will pay the initial rate which is a fantastic deal. ┬áThen you will pay the renewal rate which is considerably higher…so…what to do? Nothing. Don’t do a thing. BlueHost and Hostmonster are the BEST companies you can signup for web hosting. These companies have 100% US based support and you won’t find a better web hosting provider than Hostmonster or bluehost. Either is fine. The live chat, email, and phone support is excellent and they both offer the same online info (KB) to help you get started with your website.

Conclusion on BlueHost Prices:

You won’t find a better service than either of these two providers. The initial bluehost pricing is to get you hooked on the great service…and you will. I’ve been with them since 2005 and when they launched the hostmonster brand I started another account. For over 7 years I’ve been a bluehost customer and for over 5 years a hostmonster customer which is well past the initial pricing term. The service speaks for itself. Try it and you’ll be hooked. It’s now 2012 and the 2012 bluehost pricing hasn’t changed, but we still offer the $3.95 bluehost discount so take advantage today.