HostMonster Pricing

The current HostMonster pricing for 2012 is $3.95 a month! Regularly priced at $6.95 a month this is an incredible deal! Over the years we have seen HostMonster offer coupon codes, special discount pricing, and limited time offers.   The current HostMonster pricing does not indicate there is any deadline to purchase at this rate.  However, we have seen HostMonster adjust their pricing without notice, so if you have considered purchasing a web hosting plan with HostMonster you may wish to go ahead and get started now before this special HostMonster pricing is gone.  Keep in mind in order to participate in the $3.95 a month HostMonster pricing you must commit to and prepay for 24 months.  But considering you can lock in this introductory promotional rate for two years without concern of a price increase, most are happy to commit to the terms.  However, there is also the option of paying a little more by doing a 12 month contract, or a month to month option where you pay the full rate.

HostMonster Coupon Code Pricing –

Periodically HostMonster will offer special discounts in the form of a HostMonster coupon code.  This coupon code is not one you will be able to find on their website.  They typically offer special HostMonster coupon code prices through other sources, such as their affiliate programs.  In this situation, HostMonster gives the affiliate their own unique HostMonster coupon code that they may pass on to their customers in anyway they wish.  Then the customer will visit the HostMonster site and enter the coupon code and receive the special discount pricing at checkout.

The other way HostMonster may offer special discounts does not require a HostMonster coupon code just that the potential customer find a link, banner, or ad on another website , such as an affiliates website, which when clicked will take them directly to an official discount page.  Once the customer has reached this page the HostMonster pricing will automatically be discounted at checkout without the need to remember a HostMonster coupon code.

HostMonster Additional Costs – 

Although the HostMonster web hosting plan is complete with an excellent array of features to accommodate the needs of most people searching to build a personal or small business website, there are a few things that are not necessary but many people wish to consider when creating their website.  HostMonster makes it convenient for their users looking for these additional items to add them at checkout.  These things include SiteLock Domain Security at $12.95 a year, Site Backup Pro at $12.95 a year, and Domain Whois Privacy for $9.95 a year.  HostMonster pricing is also available in a “Pro Package” which is currently available at a discounted rate of only $19.95 a month.  Within the HostMonster Pro Package you will have more speed, memory, security, and a free dedicated IP, SSL certificate, domain name, domain privacy, and 10 free Postini anti-spam accounts.  This special HostMonster package includes over $225 in upgrades.

Keep in mind you can always test drive it before you buy it by visiting the HostMonster website and clicking the “View Demo” button.  And when taking advantage of the special HostMonster coupon codes or discount pricing by committing to prepaying for 24 months you are not really risking much because HostMonster offers an anytime money-back guarantee.  Should you prepay at the HostMonster discount price but decide it’s not working for you then you may cancel at anytime and any unused portion will be refunded.

Learn more details today by visiting HostMonster Now.